Post Transplant Care

Post Transplant Care

​KTP is a short form for Kidney Transplant Patients. Kidney Transplant Patients undergo kidney transplant surgeries to receive a new kidney from a donor for end-stage renal diseases.
If the operation is successful and no dilemmas arise. It will serve as a permanent remedy to chronic kidney diseases and end-stage renal conditions.
Taking care of the kidney transplant victim in your home after the operation is not an easy job. There will be many hurdles and barriers that you and your family member may face before the victim can recover effectively.
In line with this, it is desirable to get the help of post-acute care surgery aid to cater needs of the patients. It makes sure that the patient receives care, medication, therapy, diet, and monitoring.

What to Expect After Your Transplant

In most cases, you should be able to continue your daily actions — such as driving, household chores, work, school and some sports actions — in three to six months after the transplant.
You will get guidance on your cure period. It covers wound care, showering, driving, physical exercise and what to await when you can revert to your routine.
We will advise you on a diet, medicine, emotional concerns and the vital task of limiting infections. And as well as what follows if your body expels the organ or grafted cells.
Our team will be ready for post-operative clinic visits, checkups and advice on various life matters. After the transplant, you will have regular meetings with the transplant team. The appointments will be less persistent over time. We are reachable 24 by 7 . To answer your issues and help you relish the new phase.
Our Post-Acute Care Surgery service for kidney transplant victims offers an effective care and recovery program specially created to complete recovery.

Our Post-Acute Care Surgery covers the following services:

Nutritionist Visits

Our nutritionist will assist and manage the patient’s dietary and food supplements. It is to make sure that the patient eating pattern is robust and supports the healing means.

Health Monitoring, Checkup, and Counselling

Our senior registered nurse who specializes in rehabilitation will observe the health and healing of the victim. The nurse conducts the tests to ensure that no obstacles and dilemmas arise.
Our nurse will aid the patient to clean and protect the surgery wounds. Supervise medication and treatment and give the counselling needed by the patient.

Weekly Visits and Consultation

Our doctor will conduct weekly visits to assess and evaluate the recovery state. Moreover, the surgeon will provide the required therapy, medicine, and consultation to increase the patient’s chances of attaining good health and quick recovery.

Daily Caretaker Support and Company

Our kind and dedicated caregiver will aid the patient in performing his day to day activities such as dining, bathing, and dressing. The caregiver will watch the patient’s health status and help guide medications and other therapies needed.