Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Millions of people strive with the hurdles of chronic disease management every day. From COPD and diabetes to congestive organ malfunction and cancer, incurable diseases and ailments can make even the easiest things in life seem hard.
At Kefi, we believe that a chronic disease analysis should not mean the end of your freedom and liberty. We work with primary care physicians and help you avoid hospitalization as much as possible.
Our trained medical staff will equip you with the expertise and tools you need to maintain your disease effectively. Our attendants will monitor your vital signs daily while you continue being your day-to-day life.
Patients with chronic disease conditions experience a fall in their living standards as it gets difficult for them to manage their day to day actives. Skilled nursing assistance can assist them and reduce medical complexities and hospital readmissions.
KEFI is a patient-centric chronic care management program that helps sufferers develop their confidence and improve their independence. Patient care plans get aptly designed with the help of our skilled and experts. Our programs get personally customised considering behavioural, emotional and clinical factors to achieve the best results. We have developed protocol-based care in connection with the chief physicians.

Balance care

At KEFI, we have a uniquely trained workforce involving doctors, therapists and physiotherapists to issues of loss of balance. A complete remedial appraisal, including lab tests and an evaluation by an expert physiotherapist, forms the base of our custom plan. Periodic evaluation by the team over many weeks will aid rebuild balance in cases and help them retrieve their lost confidence.

COPD at Home

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) consists of growing lung disorders such as constant bronchitis and emphysema. Due to the obstructive type of ailment, patients may feel difficulty in breathing. While there is no lasting cure for COPD, we can manage it effectively with qualified medical aid at home.
KEFI Home Healthcare enables people and their relatives to cope with COPD through:
  • Medication supervision
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Assistance in daily living motions
  • Creating a relevant exercise regimen that can improve respiratory muscles function effectively

Heart Disease Care

KEFI Home Healthcare’s services range from heart health check-ups to superior practice methods for subjects suffering from congestive heart malfunction. Recovering from myocardial infractions. Our care plans are based on the patient’s needs and incorporate,
  • Medication supervision and reminders
  • Assistance in daily living activities
  • Aiding in rehabilitation after surgery
  • Patient education on lifestyle changes
  • Dietary recommendations

Pain Management

KEFI Home Healthcare follows a robust plan actively involving subjects in chronic pain, direct caregivers, skilled therapists. Pain influences patients due to many conditions. It may include arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, among others. We give the inmate a pain control assessment that aids gather data to know fit methods for treating the distress. Our therapy plans depend on the type of pain, its austerity, and other outside factors that could cause injury to flutter.
At KEFI, We also give counselling and support, observation and evaluation. And knowledge of medication regime. Further on nutrition and other healing options that may improve their ailment.