Post Stroke Care

Post Stroke Care

Stroke is a significant healthcare problem. The harm produced to the brain tissue by stroke can influence the patient’s memory, cognitive skills, physical movement, speech. But there is life and hope after a stroke.
The severity of the stroke and the other coexisting comorbidities would define the patient’s way to cure. They may need to unlearn and relearn new skills to adapt to post-stroke life.
KEFI gives doctor-driven home care assistance for stroke victims to aid them in achieving better healing.

KEFI Stroke Care Program

The healing phase for stroke sufferers gets complex after their discharge from the dispensary. As they heal at home, they overlook medical out view. And swift and easy access to the expert. They also tend to continue their routine, which makes them helpless to catastrophes.
Our stroke care program is a robust plan that takes care of the diverse needs of the patients and aids them in their healing process.

Supportive Care

A stroke victim is discharged with complex care rules, depending upon the dysfunctions to get retrieved. Following this care order needs the constant care of a doctor who is familiar with the condition of the patients.
We give a supportive care ecosystem that gets driven by a doctor and extends the follow-up care of the treating expert. Our clinical chain of trained medics and centres assures that the complex needs of the patient get met.

Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative care for a victim usually begins in the clinic. Resuming it at home after discharge is the test.
We give rehabilitative care help at home to stroke sufferers to continue their recovery. Our rehabilitative care program includes physiotherapists, nutritionists and speech therapists. They work with the victim closely to get them standing on their toes. We help sufferers relearn skills that get required in their day to day living.

Pain Management

Stroke patients acquire pain in different body parts due to reduced mobility. The level of pain can vary according to their physical health. However, it needs invasion to improve the quality of life of the victim.
Our pain management experts work with the patients and their supportive care team to give pain relief. We always measure the pain on a numeric rating scale to assess its severity and titrate the pain therapy as required.

Mental Health Support

Stroke leads to clinical distress and anxiety in victims. The feeling of weakness irks them and hinders their healing. The stress and burnout caused by caregiving alter the emotional and mental form of the family caregivers.
Our stroke care plan covers counselling support for stroke survivors and their family members. Our advisers help them cope with the fear and deal with the emotional outburst so better recovery is experienced.
What makes us different

1. Doctor Driven Care

We assign a dedicated doctor to each stroke inmate to interact with them regularly and observe their improvement. We give secured availability of experts (online and physical) in the patient’s urgency.

2. Continuity Of Care

We enable the initial expert to extend the follow-up care. We incorporate his care rules and workflow on the stand. The expert can continue to manage the patient’s recovery at home for the best results.

3. Supervised Clinical Interventions

Our team of medically trained workers offer timely and skilful clinical invasions at home. Our Care Doctors oversee the intervention methods and assure the victim gets the required aid without further difficulties.

4. Support For Family Caregivers

We help the family of the subject by giving their load of caregiving. The availability and port of our team allow the family members to feel relief and get control over their life.