Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Patients age 65 years or older serve over 30% of acute care hospitalizations. And 50% of hospital expenses. The hospitalized elder is at risk of bad ends that may involve increased mortality, extended length of stay, delirium and functional decay of their health.

These outcomes have vital medical, psychosocial, and economic effects on patients. In extension to disease‐based management, care of the elderly gets addressed within a specific psychosocial and practical context.

Our staff visit typically addresses the following:

Kefi induces a collaborative, multidisciplinary way to the care of old cases that starts at hospital admittance and lasts through all care shifts. We lead actions that improve the care of venerable patients.

Pain management

Pain is a physical or emotional sensory experience that everyone come across in their lifetime. It may be acute (short term) and chronic (longer-term). It can range from mild to severe. Pain affects the elder’s quality of life and emotional well-being. We help elderly patients by understanding their nature of pain and looking after them accordingly.

Maintain your medical history and records

Our trained nurses will assist you in maintaining your medical history and keeping your health records. It will help us know about your weakness and strength. Therefore, we can treat you sequentially.

Coordinate the health care needs

Care coordination involves creating patient care actions and sharing the data with colleagues involved in patient’s care. It is to gain safer and more efficient care.
The primary aim of care coordination is meeting the needs and choices of aged patients to give high-quality and value health care. It intends that the patient’s needs and decisions are known and said at the right time to the concerned bodies. And that this learning gets used to guide the delivery of safe, relevant, and active care.

Diabetes management

Our services are focused on many complex patient groups that require our support. Additionally, we give consultative services to patients admitted to other medical and operational units, including critical care units. To assist with the control of insulin infusion rules and transitioning patients from insulin infusions to subcutaneous insulin.

Pharmacy support

Kefi aims to provide the best-trusted medications with high-quality standards. We stick to the highest degree of standards vis-à-vis drugstore control. We are conscious that drugs, if not maintained at a feasible condition can risk an innocent life.

Kefi extends Pharmacy support 24×7 to supply everyone. Extensive range of pharmaceutical medicines and disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products.