3 functional cot - Semi Fowler

  • Enhanced patient comfort through adjustable positions.

  • Supports a smooth transition to home care for patients and caregivers.

  • Simplifies caregiving tasks and aids in pain management.

  • Promotes better respiratory function and reduces pressure sores.

3 para monitor

  • Continuous patient monitoring ensures early detection of health issues.
  • Real-time data collection on vital signs improves treatment accuracy.
  • Enhanced safety and peace of mind for patients and caregivers.
  • Facilitates timely medical intervention, reducing the risk of complications.

5 para monitor

  • A 5-para monitor provides holistic vital sign tracking: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, respiratory rate, and temperature.
  • Streamlines assessments with a single device, reducing setup complexity.
  • Continuous monitoring detects anomalies early, enabling prompt care and complication prevention.
  • Enhances patient comfort by minimizing wires and sensors, improving home healthcare.

Alpha beds

Sample Policy

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Bi - Pap


  • Bi-PAP therapy improves lung function and oxygen levels for patients with breathing issues.
  • Customizable pressure settings enhance comfort and therapy adherence.
  • Home-based Bi-PAP care reduces hospitalizations and boosts patient satisfaction.
  • It’s cost-effective, lowering healthcare expenses and facility burdens while ensuring respiratory management.

C - Pap

  • C-PAP enhances sleep quality, treating sleep apnea and improving overall well-being.
  • It supports a healthier heart by maintaining consistent oxygen levels during sleep, reducing cardiovascular risks.
  • KEFI home healthcare offers convenient in-home C-PAP therapy, ensuring adherence and fewer hospital stays.
  • Cost-effective C-PAP at home manages healthcare expenses, a viable long-term solution for sleep apnea.

DVT - Pump

  • DVT Pump therapy reduces clot risk and complications like pulmonary embolism.
  • It improves leg circulation, easing discomfort, vital for immobile or post-surgery patients.
  • KEFI home healthcare offers DVT Pump therapy at home, boosting adherence and minimizing hospital trips.
  • Cost-effective, home-based DVT Pump therapy efficiently manages DVT while cutting healthcare expenses.

Infusion pump

    • Infusion pumps ensure precise medication dosing, reducing errors and enhancing treatment efficacy. medications
    • KEFI home healthcare uses infusion pumps for in-home therapy, improving patient comfort and well-being.
    • Home-based infusion pump therapy reduces hospitalizations, lowering costs and enhancing convenience.

Oxygen concentration


    • KEFI home healthcare offers comfortable in-home oxygen therapy, enhancing well-being..
    • Home-based oxygen therapy reduces hospitalizations, saving costs and offering convenience.
    • Personalized care with tailored oxygen levels addresses individual respiratory needs effectively.

Syringe pump

  • Syringe pumps ensure precise dosing, minimizing medication errors, and enhancing treatment effectiveness.
  • . KEFI home healthcare employs syringe pumps for in-home therapy, enhancing patient comfort and well-being.
  • Home-based syringe pump therapy reduces hospitalizations, saving costs and increasing patient convenience.

Wheel Chair


    • Wheelchairs enhance home mobility, fostering independence for patients with limited mobility.
    • Wheelchairs play a crucial role in promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities.
    •  KEFI home healthcare improves patients’ quality of life by enabling social engagement and daily activities through wheelchairs. 
    • They provide convenient and comfortable transportation, easing mobility challenges and supporting home-based care.