Home IV Therapy

Home IV Therapy

IV infusion is a medical method by which fluids, like – electrolyte solutions, medicinal drugs, are directly inflicted in the veins. It gets done through an infusion set consisting of the liquid glass or plastic vacuum bag/bottle. The plastic tube links the curative pack or a bottle by a needle in the vein.
There are three types of IV infusion treatment – IV Push, IV piggyback and Continuous Infusion.

IV push or Bolus

An IV push or bolus is a quick infusion of medicine. A syringe gets injected into your catheter send a one-time dosage of medication into your blood.

Secondary IV or IV Piggyback

An IV piggyback known as a secondary infusion is the approach of medicine collectively with the IV solution. Through the existing IV insertion.

Continuous infusion

It gets chiefly used to rectify fluid and electrolyte inequalities in the body. A controlled intravenous treatment of drugs, fluids, or nutrients without interruption takes place.
IV infusion method is an invasive mode where an IV catheter get inserted into a surface vein, which is then kept in place with sterile gauze to keep the IV site clean and prevent incidental uprooting of the IV catheter or needle.
IV infusion gets inflicted at the advice of a doctor for varied reasons and purposes like;
  • To give the patient fluids when oral intake is not possible.
  • To give medications, including chemotherapy and anaesthetics.
  • IV infusion to post-operative patients.
  • Another purpose of IV infusion is to keep the vein open for medicine.
  • To maintain electrolyte balance. When the subject is losing fluid-like vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • Patients suffering from dehydration are also given IV for hydration.
IV infusion is a primary medical procedure. But it cannot be given by a person by themselves and need the help of a nurse for a safe IV at home. Famous home healthcare provider-KEFI, lets you stay at home and concurrently get quality medical care with several highly skilled doctors and nurses.
Trained nurses at KEFI safely give IVs at home and take relevant measures to prevent the risk of possible complications.
Travelling can be perilous and difficult for sick patients. As such getting a saline drop at home gets advised. Our nurses are skilled in giving IV antibiotics at home. So don’t stress yourself and contact us directly to get quality services for IV at home.
The benefit of getting IV therapy at home is that it excludes travelling risks and exertions.
So, if you need IV infusion, give us a call. One of our specialists and caring nurses would be visiting you at your home.