Critical Care Nursing At Home

Critical Care Nursing At Home

ICU setup at home

There might be times when it so befalls that a patient requires the ease of an Intensive Care Unit for a long term. It can prove to be burdening, both monetarily and emotionally, especially for the immediate family members.

It is where KEFI can step in and set up an ICU at home.

What does it include?

ICU at home setup mainly covers the following:

Critical Care Nurse:

The most vital member of the ICU team at home is the critical care nurse.  Our Nurses will take care of the patient’s regular medical needs. Consulting the doctor, administering medicine doses, checking daily progress and managing all medical devices. A skilled critical care nurse makes a difference in the recovery of a patients.

Medical Equipment:

An ICU setup at home needs technologically advanced medical equipments. This equipment differs from patient to patient. Some of the most commonly used medical devices include an IV stand, para monitor, oxygen cylinder , suction device, alpha cushion, nebulizer and DVT pump.


Physiotherapy helps to enhance the mobility of the body. KEFI gives well-trained physiotherapists at your doorstep. as a part of the ICU setup at home.

Why ICU at home?


Personalized Care:

In a hospital, a nurse visits 3-4 patients at a time. If there’s an ICU at home, you will get a crucial care nurse at home devoted to the patients 24/7.


In a hospital ICU, you meet your loved one only once or twice a day. At home, you can be near them all the time to personally observe their caretaking.

Home environment:

It gets observed that inmates tend to heal faster in the warmth of their house.

Doctor supervision:

Like a hospital ICU, our nurses are in regular contact with the doctors to give quality care to the patients.

KEFI brings home ICU care service so that patients can heal at home, feel happy amid family members and stay away from the risks of infections in the sanatorium. Our Home ICU service is perfect for cases where no active interventions get required on patients, and the family needs a lower cost of therapy. Our critical care service is given by a highly-trained unit of experts, nurses and specialists. We ensure the highest state of the art medical care at home.


  • Cost-effective setup with technologically advanced modern machinery
  • Team of trained experts with a proven track record of treating critically ill patients at home
  • All equipments undergo thorough quality test and proper sanitization.
  • Experienced critical care nurses to take care of the patients every time.
  • Nurses are regularly in touch with the doctors in our office for guidance.